DigEplan, a global leader in fully integrated electronic plan review, announces its latest partnership with consulting firm Summit Technologies, who specialize in innovative Salesforce-based solutions for government agencies. Combining Summit Technologies’ expertise in Salesforce and DigEplan’s leading electronic plan review, provides customers with a highly efficient end-to-end solution for managing building permits.

The partnership enables Summit Technologies to provide a leading electronic plan review that is fully integrated into the Salesforce platform. Government agencies are able to leverage DigEplan’s cloud-based plan review, creating an end-to-end permitting workflow that requires no additional infrastructure, combined with Salesforce’s world-class performance and scalability.

“DigEplan is the missing piece to the puzzle, enabling us to empower government agencies to leapfrog old technologies and provide an unprecedented service to their citizens. All of this at a low cost of ownership with seamless end-to-end user experience,” said Mike Leibrand, Managing Partner and CTO, Summit Technologies. “Utilizing the solution, agencies can take advantage of the powerful review, revision, and approval features in DigEplan enabling transparency and efficiency.”

DigEplan boasts an integrated fully featured, secure, and collaborative electronic plan review accessed from existing workflows. When benchmarked against desktop-based PDF mark-up tools, the electronic plan review has proven to be 200% more productive. DigEplan’s enhanced features include applicant support for submission standards, removing time-consuming administration of submissions, and digital projects providing real-time access to corrections and comments, so the applicant can address these throughout the review cycle.

“The combination of Summit Technologies’ expertise and DigEplan’s solution integrated to the Salesforce platform enables agencies to modernize, scale, and create advanced efficiencies,” said Christy Hunt, President – North American Markets, DigEplan. “We are excited to be working with Summit Technologies, who shares our customer driven approach. Together, government agencies can accelerate the permitting process.”

Widely used in the USA, DigEplan customers span over 100 counties, municipalities, and cities across five countries.

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