Integrated planning

With millions invested in your document management system, such as Accela or InforPS, why on earth, would you want to have separate capabilities outside of your system of record? Strategically aligning additional plan check systems to ensure effective integration is the only way to simplify IT and reduce the cost of ownership.

Don’t pay twice and overcomplicate

Integration to your existing IT should be critical when reviewing plan check tools, to avoid crossover of processes. Yet many plan check tools offer additional features, that you already have.

It’s like investing in an ERP system, then purchasing other parts from another ERP system. Madness, I know you are saying, why would anyone do that?

It’s a fact. Overlapping plan check capabilities, simply costs the city time and money. You are effectively paying twice. Additional IT is needed to manage the overlapping functionality alongside existing investments, so you are paying once for the acquisition outlay and then again to manage the duplication of IT, data and processes.

Align plan check to government software vendor

The user should have a seamless experience using a plan check tool, all from within your government software vendor platform. Integrated into the existing processes, it adds functionality without detracting, taking the user outside of the system.

Simply, launch the plan check process from a workflow in Accela or Infor and you are in the tool. Complete your review process and all the correction comments are stored in Accela or InforPS.

This creates a correction comment report and the status of the review is automatically updated, notifying the applicant. Simple!

Check with your plan check partner if they use separate workflows, document management, database, user logins and data flows. This will only add complexity and cost to your organisation.

Removes complexity, functional duplication and time to value


User adoption critical

Users often believe that integrated plan check tools lack the rich capabilities offered by desktop ‘best of breed’ applications. Whilst, historically that was true, today’s cloud apps architecture and constant deployment models, mean that is no longer the case.

Integrated cloud plan check tools offer numerous additional functionalities over that required to complete plan check. Key features in plan checks are typically:

  • Simple user experience to on-board your teams
  • Configurable user interface at a user level
  • Ability to add simultaneous correction comments on the same plan, at the same time
  • Segregation of departmental comments
  • Use of standard codes and comments managed in your system of record
  • User defined stamps that use data from your system of record
  • Creation of correction comments reports
  • Status updates to drive workflow
  • Scale, align and overlay to enable the comparison of cycle plans
  • Multiple file open and side-by-side view to support the contextual review of plans
  • Simple deployment and cloud ready
  • Mobility for inspector
  • Third-party access to enable collaboration with outside parties
  • Enable DWG, DGN and other native CAD formats to be reviewed
  • Support for Building Information modelling
  • Online correction comment tracking
  • Large file and sheet management for those larger capital projects

It is worth understanding what features you have in your plan check process and how these capabilities are integrated.

Integrated through industry standard API’s

Driving efficient workflows

Does your plan submission process commence in your government software vendors system? If yes, then you are in a great position…

When applications are made, a record is created, which starts the workflow process. This also starts the clock ticking on the time you have to respond to the application. With an integrated plan check solution, entering a new application also creates a visual record using system data to track the status.

This whole process should be seamless, with vendors and partner systems complementing each other, not competing. Function duplication, including workflows, user management, document management, and governance, adds cost and complexity to your overall solution.

This doubling up of ICT overheads is disproportionate to the investment in your overall government platform. Plan check tools that are strategically aligned with your government platform vendors’ vision, enable you to invest in tools that reduce the cost of ownership and simplify your IT infrastructure.

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