Most government technology platforms provide the capability for a digital process for permitting, however many agencies still rely on paper or desktop processes to conduct plan reviews. These can cause an administration burden from the outset, with 3-5% of submitted files contain an issue that is not highlighted until it is manually processed.

In contrast, a fully integrated, end-to-end electronic plan review provides a cost-effective, efficient alternative that validates your applicants’ documents and plans from the public portal.

For chief building officials and system stakeholders, the most surprising part is that fully integrated electronic plan review is 200% faster than using badly integrated or non-integrated desktop-based PDF markup tools.

Remove slow processes

Accela, Cityworks, Central Square, Clariti, Energov, Granicus, Infor and Oracle – many government technology platforms can support a digital permitting process. The advantages for agencies are significant. Top of the list is proactively reducing administration time and costs for your critical services, as well as providing a digital citizen service for permitting and eradicating paper.

Technology is the key component to reducing the need for paper plans. Yet, it is tempting for agencies to find a quick fix with older, disconnected desktop technology, but they miss out on the advantages brought by integrating with the system of record. With new integrated technology, the opportunities and benefits go beyond marking up a plan and creating a correction letter.

Plan review twice as fast

Even with a digital desktop review, it can take up to a 50% longer to review plans. Multiply this by 10 – 100 plan reviewers and you start to see that desktop-based markup tools might seem like a cost-effective alternative, yet unfortunately, they are beyond inefficient. Even worse, they create roadblocks to future opportunities and challenges.

The advantages of fully integrated electronic plan review go way beyond PDF markups. While you may set submission standards for your applicants, and they do their best to meet them, 3-5% of files will have some form of issue.

If your agency takes in 60,000 files per year with a 3-5% issue rate, that’s anywhere from 1,800 to 3,000 files that have some kind of problem.

In DigEplan applicants can verify that their submissions meet your standards directly from your public portal

Fully integrated electronic plan review validates your applicants’ documents and plans. This provides real time feedback via your public portal, preventing files with problems from reaching the back office in the first place.

Digital plan review

As we look to a more digital experience, using integrated technology enables the addition of other services. These can include digital signature validation, driven by your required documents list and generating automatic audit reports sent to the case, removing the need for manual administration.

The future of electronic plan review goes way beyond markups and correction letters. New innovative digital services ultimately enhance the end customer experience, significantly reduce administration, and accelerate permit issuance times.

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