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At DigEplan we focus on providing our platform partners with leading cloud, fully integrated electronic plan review that is aligned strategically and commercially, with rapid implementation times.

Digital government is moving at pace, helping to transform our cities, counties and municipalities. The business of permitting, licencing and land management is a key requirement in which plan review is typically paper-based or, at best, organizations are using poorly integrated desktop PDF tools that are cumbersome, add complexity, and increase plan review cycle times.

The coming together of the digital front and back office requires a move away from paper and PDF mark-up tools. Desktop-based, these tools create their own unique set of challenges for the customer when trying to deal with electronic plans. However, conversely, the prolific use of desktop tools provides an opportunity for government technology providers and their customers alike.

DigEplan is a global leader in delivering fully integrated electronic plan review for government platform providers. Partnering with many leading government technology platform providers, enabling them to offer a leading permitting software for governments, in the USA, the Netherlands, and Germany, DigEplan has more than 100 customers across four countries.

permitting software for governments DigEplan leading solution for government platforms

DigEplan solves the challenges that government technology platforms face when moving customers to an electronic plan review process.

Upload, download, and manual data entry

Using desktop PDF mark-up tools adds time to the plan review process, from upload, download, and manual data entry, taking users out of your system.

Government technology platform providers want to ensure the plan review process is efficient and joined up with the data flows of the system of record for the end-to-end permitting processes. Desktop-based PDF mark-up tools create unnecessary work for users and are disconnected from the system of record.

PDF desktop mark-up tools are cheap, but they are 200% slower in a typical application benchmark of electronic plan review. This is a significant time drain when you apply that statistic to every application and multiply it by the number of plans examiners using the system every day.

Duplication of your modules and technology

Many electronic plan review solutions have created unnecessary, secondary portals, workflow, document management and IT, adding complexity, cost and misaligned value against your own platform.

Commercial alignment and long implementation times

Often we see standalone electronic plan review tools costing as much as the government technology providers annual subscription costs, with implementation times taking as long as a major project.

Reliability and performance are not optional

For a plan reviewer there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to open plans to complete their work or waiting for the system to show plans in the back office. It is simply not acceptable when users have to wait for minutes to open plans and then find the performance of navigation sluggish. Triaging PDFs into the system should not be a requirement with today’s technology.

Lacking key features compared to desktop PDF mark-up tools

Plan reviewers need features and performance that are tuned and comparable to desktop tools. Systems that force users to work in one way due to poor design, slow down processes. Inflexible plans intake and subsequent IT limitations create work for users and headaches for business practice.

At DigEplan we focus on providing our platform partners with leading cloud, fully integrated electronic plan review that is aligned strategically and commercially. With rapid implementation times, DigEplan is the leading permitting software for governments.

Deep integration

Our technology is fully integrated in days and uses industry standard REST APIs, ensuring best practice and alignment with our partners’ integration strategy. DigEplan sits deep in your application, which can be launched from the workflow, task, record or document views.

DigEplan does not replicate any of your features or modules, we simply integrate to them. We benchmarked a typical plan review record and our customers found that using desktop PDF mark-up tools it took 11 hours, but with DigEplan it took just six.

A 200% increase in throughput, increasing plan review cycle performance considerably.

DigEplan permitting software for governments offers deep integration for government technology platforms
Commercial alignment for partners DigEplan permitting software for governments

Commercial alignment

Commercially, we flex to align with our partners and this ensures the value of fully integrated electronic plan review is in line with your own annual subscriptions.

Reliability and performance

Our latest release, DigEplan V5 supports native PDF, 2D CAD, Office, and image formats through the browser. This ensures customers do not have to conduct triage on the intake of plans and supporting documentation, removing the overhead of splitting plans into separate sheets on submission.

DigEplan V5’s performance is lightning fast. Comparable desktop applications experience for large file loading and navigation being the norm.

Deep integration to government platforms permitting software for governments DigEplan

Rich plan review features integrated to your platform

DigEplan is tightly integrated to your system of record, so all interactions and data flows are seamless. What you see in your system of record, you see in DigEplan – without the need for document download or upload.

Deep integration points include record and document meta data, workflows and tasking, plans, sheets, and documents, common codes and comments, intelligent stamps, and correction reporting amongst other opportunities to integrate the workflows.

Enhancing our partners' systems

Integrating DigEplan brings additional opportunities for partners when delivering permitting software for governments, where other use cases and business issues can be addressed by combining your systems’ features and functions and plan review processes.

As an example, GDPR in the EU and CCPA requires redaction, so that sensitive or personal data is not made available in the public domain. DigEplan supports manual and system-driven redaction. Or looking at inspectors and on-site plan sheet access, mark-up and photo insertion, tied to inspector task lists can be supported.

DigEplan can work in harmony with our partners’ inspector apps and provide additional business benefit and opportunity for customers.

How quickly can we integrate DigEplan to a new partner system?

DigEplan is fully integrated to over 25 government technology platform partners and uses industry standards for REST APIs. Integration to our partner systems can take as little as five days to be up and running with full production taking an additional five days, so typically 10 days in total.

Deploying DigEplan with our partners

Deployment of DigEplan is straightforward with a typical deployment being in the region of a few days. This assumes the configuration of the partners’ back office, portal and workflows are configured.

DigEplan technology partners

Infor DigEplan partner fully integrated electronic plan review
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