DigEplan King standard award

Integrated electronic plan review solution DigEplan has achieved the ‘King Standard Certification’, a central government standard in The Netherlands. Compliance to the initiative encourages interoperability across multiple systems, including Accela, Alfresco, SharePoint, BCT Corsa, Verseon, Dimpact, Roxit, Key2vergunningen, GISvg, Wave, SBA, and Corsa Case.

For municipalities in The Netherlands, who utilise several systems to manage city and planning processes, the King standard enables a standardised communications protocol that is vital to improve data flows and efficiency.

“The development of DigEplan to meet the King standard was essential, because it is important to our municipality customers. We are incredibly excited to achieve the standard and demonstrate the versatility and robust nature of DigEplan for the Netherlands market,” said Ties Kremer, General Manager EMEA, DigEplan.

DigEplan version 3.5 is compliant to the King Standard and any future releases will be developed to achieve the same level of compliance.

“DigEplan is highly regarded for city planning and managing the permit applications process, with deep integration into more than 20 government and municipality systems. Already in use by more than 70 cities across three continents, we continue to enhance the solution by ensuring compliance to key standards, such as King in The Netherlands,” added Ties.
DigEplan is an integrated electronic plan review solution that eliminates the need for paper-based plan reviews and inefficient desktop applications. DigEplan saves significant time and resource and is embedded deep into existing systems and delivers an easy-to-use solution that enhances planning application service-levels.