DigEplan, a global leader in fully integrated electronic plan review, announces a new partnership with Avocette, a leader in delivering high-value information technology solutions to government agencies. With this partnership, DigEplan and Avocette will provide Accela and Clariti customers a fully integrated electronic plan review solution that enhances an agency’s permitting process.

As government agencies across North America seek to gain efficiencies in operational processes, the Avocette and DigEplan partnership provides Accela and Clariti customers specifically with an opportunity to increase productivity in permitting. DigEplan for Accela and Clariti removes paper or desktop processes and is fully integrated into existing workflows, which has proven to be 200% more productive when benchmarked against desktop-based PDF mark-up tools. The partnership enables agencies to leverage a secure, scalable and feature-rich solution that is quick to implement.

“We see DigEplan’s integration with Accela and Clariti as a pivotal tool for clients and we are pleased to bring the solution to our customers. It’s an exciting partnership, as we can assist government agencies to better utilize their existing technology,” said Scott Ross, CEO at Avocette. “The simplicity of DigEplan enables all stakeholders involved in the Planning and Permitting processes to work more efficiently while building a scalable and resilient IT infrastructure.”

Configured in weeks and in some cases days, DigEplan’s deep integration into Accela and Clariti removes complexity, ensuring a fully featured, secure, and collaborative electronic plan review that is accessed from existing workflows. DigEplan’s enhanced features include applicant support for submission standards, removing time-consuming administration of submissions, and digital projects provides real-time access to corrections and comments, so the applicant can address these throughout the review cycle.

Avocette joins a growing number of DigEplan implementation partners, supporting its integration into more than 20 government technology platforms. Widely used in the USA, DigEplan customers span over 100 counties, municipalities and cities across five countries.

“Using DigEplan has helped clients operate more efficiently, at a time when budgets have been stretched,” said Christy Hunt, President – North American Markets, DigEplan. “Our electronic plan review solution coupled with Avocette’s expertise in community development gives an easy entry point for government agencies to utilize cloud-based technology and issue permits faster. We are excited to be working with Avocette, to provide agencies with flexibility and scalability in their plan review, accelerating and streamlining the permitting process.”

For more information about DigEplan visit www.DigEplan.com/ or contact your Avocette account manager.

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