DigEplan announce its new Digital Project Coordination Room that significantly reduces turn-around times for plan review cycles. Initially available for Accela Citizen Access, it provides interactive correction and plan management tools for commercial grade projects.

Investment in its government cloud technology innovation roadmap continues apace at DigEplan, showcased by its latest advancement. Providing a significant opportunity for cities, counties and states to reduce plan review cycles by 30 to 50%, Digital Project Coordination Room vastly improves engagement with commercial partners while reducing time to construction.

The Digital Project Coordination Room is borne out of the rehabilitation program post-Hurricane Sandy, collaborating with the New York City Housing Authority and Chicago Bridge & Iron Company. The city planning team, project managers, architects and designers were all involved in the interactive review of plans. Many review cycles and issues needed to be resolved through digital submission rather than correction letters, emails or Excel.

The project was a major success and by the end of the program over 500,000 issues were submitted digitally, which saw the city save many worker-years of time through the design phase.

This ability to digitally manage the review cycles and issues, from within Accela, has the potential to eliminate the correction letter. DigEplan’s passion for fully integrated electronic plan review with our government technology partners, has taken a significant leap forward for our public sector customers with this latest innovation.

The Digital Project Coordination Room, fully integrated to Accela Citizen Access and the Accela back office, gives customers the choice to use Citizen Access for interactive issues on commercial grade projects where regulatory processes require additional features, such as plan intake checks for digital signatures, page orientation, sheet references and password protection. However, for minor permits like residential HVAC or solar installations, the correction letter may be more appropriate.

Available for general release Q4 2020 as an add-on to DigEplan for Accela. DigEplan for Accela is a fully integrated electronic plan review solution that supports government agencies to digitize, saving significant time and money, and ultimately enabling faster construction times!

DigEplan’s Project Co-ordination Room is fully integrated to Accela with no third-party middleware, duplication of workflow, document management or portal.

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