Spokane, WA has implemented DigEplan to streamline their permitting and plan review processes in Accela. DigEplan provides fully integrated electronic plan review for the Accela platform, removing the need for redundant secondary workflows, complex middleware or extended implementation timelines.

DigEplan’s solution for Accela will improve citizen services for permitting, enabling the City to be more efficient with electronic plan review capabilities. This includes digital signature and submission standards validation, real time plan review collaboration – directly from the Accela Citizen Portal with a full set of mark-up, stamping and comparison tools capabilities.

“The TruePoint Solutions and DigEplan teams have been invaluable in assisting our department transition from paper to electronic submittal and review processes,” said Molly Severns, Certified Plans Examiner for the City of Spokane.

The City of Spokane is in beautiful eastern Washington with a population of 218,000. The City utilizes Accela for Building, Enforcement Engineering, Fire, Licenses, Parking, Planning, and Historic Preservation and Tax Exemptions.