City of Rexburg Utilizes DigEplan Fully Integrated Electronic Plan Review for Cityworks PLL

Keen to move their permitting and plan review to an electronic process, the City of Rexburg considered a number of solutions however, what they found was ‘a complete overbuild’ for their electronic plan review requirements. DigEplan was chosen due to its attractive short implementation time and straight-forward, fully integrated plan review with Cityworks PLL.

“Our Cityworks platform already provides us with a workflow, to create tasks and keep us organized, it comes with a document storage capability, as well as searchability. These other companies were building that functionality into their software, so it became redundant. And we had to pay for that redundancy. DigEplan was really attractive because it just kept it very simple and straight forward to do electronic plan review; mark-ups and communicate back and forth to our developers.”