Whilst we must take a moment to remember the significant number of people effected by COVID-19, we have all felt the impact of the pandemic to a varying degree. People and businesses alike have had to adapt their daily lives – from social distancing, to the shift to a remote workforce.

We have been asking ourselves, here at DigEplan, what can we do as government technology solutions partners to support our joint customers? Delivering critical services and ensuring business continuity is fundamental for the public sector, even while there is so much uncertainty of when lives will return to normal.

Uncertainty in public sector services
As this virus has taught us, it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen. The traditional indicators of a healthy economy such as GDP, unemployment rates, and the stock market are conflicting.

The stock markets have bounced back and are holding firm; unemployment is increasing rapidly; GDP is down massively, with levels not seen since the 1920s. Yet in the USA, permitting for homeowners was up 14.4% from this time last year, which presumably is a positive effect of the lock down, encouraging more home developments.

In spite of changing conditions, government services have continued to function. This new working from home dynamic, based on scientist predictions, is going to be here for the foreseeable future.

A report from Center for Digital Government, published in Government Technology Insider, highlighted three core areas of focus for government agencies: “…technology and process modernization, applying more data-driven approaches, and transforming the public sector workforce.” It went onto say: “And now, there’s a heightened sense of urgency as agencies are under pressure to expand remote work capabilities.”

It’s clear that there is a significant shift in what public sector customers are asking of us. Timely response to these requirements is critical as we all continue to adjust to our new environment.

Public sector challenges

In these challenging times, front of mind for the majority of organizations is business continuity and the ability to work from home.

We’ve heard that organizations want solutions that can be implemented in a sensible amount of time, with accelerated delivery and reduced project risk. Public sector agencies frequently ask if we can leverage existing technology investments and processes.

Most critically, budgets are increasingly impacted. The days of high cost, long and risky implementations and extortionate annual fees are no longer viable.

At DigEplan, we know we constantly need to invest and align our strategy to our partners. This is why we are a true cloud business – able to scale quickly and reliably, supporting your go-to-market, and our deployment model is just days.

  • We fully integrate to our partners’ platform with no redundant workflow, document management or secondary portals.
  • We streamline to deliver the fastest plan review processes and a user experience that feels like we are from the same organization as our partners.
  • Commercially, we understand the importance of being a justifiable cost of the overall platform investment. So, we don’t eat your lunch, we simply add the mayo – providing additional value to our joint customers.

Underpin government permitting services
As we continue to invest in fully integrated electronic plan review for government technology providers, we are also extending our support for our partners in the North American markets. Our talented and experienced team, working with your sales teams and joint customers alike can help us all navigate through these uncertain times.

As such, I would like to welcome Christy Hunt as the President of North American markets for DigEplan. Christy will work to develop partners and sales, advancing DigEplan’s growth in North America. Central to Christy’s role will be to enhance existing government technology partnerships and our expert implementation partners.

Find out more about Christy and her role

By Jason Matthews, CEO DigEplan