The DigEplan team and its support service were highly praised, as DigEplan undertook its 2021 annual customer benchmarking survey. Testament to its customer-centric values, DigEplan received high scores for the Technical Support team, as well as a friendly approach and dedication.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and offering quality support services, as we aim to deliver the very best customer experience. We always are there to help on technical issues or guidance, from an established team who has in-depth knowledge of the DigEplan solution.

Our customers tell us that our forward-looking approach was key for them: “We didn’t want to regret our choice in 10 years, so support and future-proofing played a role in our decision for choosing DigEplan.” Jared Gerber, Assistant Community Development Director, Sandy City

We work closely with our implementation partners to deliver expert support and knowledge: “From training on how to use the system for our departments, to quickly adding things in when we have required additional help, TruePoint (implementation partner) has helped us to maximize the benefits of DigEplan.” Ann Damian, Accela Project Manager, Douglas County

And we use modern cloud technology to offer flexibility for how our customers wish to work: “DigEplan has provided a lot of flexibility to support working remotely, not only during COVID-19 but for the future.” Scott Wise, Chief Plans Examiner, Oklahoma City

We proactively work with our customers to understand their business goals and help them find success with DigEplan. Our cross-functional communication across all departments at DigEplan ensures the Support team and Product team work cohesively to deliver value.

There are a variety of ways for customers to get help – technical support from the dedicated service desk, updates on features in our knowledge bank, or educational tips and tricks from Connect, our community support network. We continue to invest in support and development to offer customers a phenomenal experience.

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