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DigEplan, fully integrated electronic plan review provides a new way of delivering a set of key requirements for cities, municipalities and counties alongside our government technology partners.

DigEplan is service and reseller partner friendly and always looking for new win-win partnerships.


We often get asked:

  1. How easy it to deploy and configure DigEplan?
  2. What is different about DigEplan?
  3. What is the commercial model of DigEplan?

Configuring DigEplan

Straightforward, DigEplan significantly reduces the risk of project failure for electronic plan review.

DigEplan has been designed and configured to integrate with our platform partners out-of-the-box. Implementation happens within just a few days, alongside other typical configuration for workflow, tasking and intake processes, through partners citizen portals and back office.

With DigEplan partner enablement is simple and new partners can be up and running without complex training or disproportionate technical IT capabilities. A typical DigEplan implementation, alongside the platform plan review workflows and configuration, enables customers to go-live in a matter of days but typically weeks.

DigEplan's difference

Our latest version DigEplan V5 is built for the cloud, not old technology, and migrated to a data centre. DigEplan provides reliability and performance through a standard web browser. Feature for feature, DigEplan automates and ensures all data and records are kept in the system of record, ensuring streamlined and tightly integrated plan review processes, end-to-end.

DigEplan has deep integration to our platform partners, removing unnecessary duplication of portals, workflow and document management. Crucially, DigEplan does not require any triage of plans, removing numerous failure points, added costs and complexity of needing FTE’s to manage the intake process.

DigEplan is mobile-friendly, so working with mobility use cases ensures DigEplan can be used for Inspector and other use cases.

DigEplan has over 25 leading government technology partners and uses an industry standard set of REST API’s to integrate to our partners systems.

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Become a certified partner

DigEplan partners are required to be accredited and enabled with the appropriate capabilities. Partners need to demonstrate experience of delivering successful projects to our government technology partners platforms and have the relevant subject matter understanding of the requirements for end-to-end, electronic plan review and permitting.

Certified DigEplan partners


Delivery Partners



Avocette is a full-service IT company providing clients with solutions to meet their needs since 1977.

We are experienced in the challenges of permitting and licensing software as demonstrated in over 80 successful implementations in local and state governments. Our friendly team of industry experts will work diligently to help you achieve your goals and support these solutions throughout their lifecycle.

For more information visit: www.avocette.com

TruePoint Solutions

TruePoint Solutions, LLC is a privately held software and solutions company with over 30 years of Public Sector IT experience designing, developing, implementing, and supporting complex government applications. Throughout our company’s history, we have enjoyed unparalleled success in implementing numerous partner product suites including DigEplan’s electronic plan review software. TruePoint has successfully implemented Permitting, Customer Service, Licensing, Code Enforcement, Public Works, Asset Management, and Electronic Plan Review software throughout the US. We are a certified Infor and Cityworks partner, and a “Gold Certified” implementation partner for Accela.



Vision33 helps governments around the world navigate through large digital transformations. With twenty-five (25+) years providing IT consulting and IT professional services to the public sector, Vision33 follows an adaptable, pragmatic and proven approach, empowering agencies to be successful from their investments in technology.

As a premier services partner to market leading government platforms, such as Accela, Amanda and Clariti, Vision33 specializes in implementing and supporting Permitting, Licensing, Planning, Code Enforcement & Inspection solutions.


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