Having experienced first-hand the need for governments to accelerate their digital transition, Christine Brakefield, former chief building official and professional planner, is eager to use her experience to transform government operations and citizen experience in her new role with DigEplan.

“Throughout my entire career I have been driven by a sense of duty to serve in a role that improves the quality of life for those around me. To achieve this, I strive to become a strong and positive leader by working to implement transformations that benefit residents and public sector staff alike,” said Christine Brakefield. “Over the next five years, public sector departments will place their need for effective digital solutions much higher on their list of strategic concerns than ever before.”

With over 15 years of experience in the public sector, Christine has extensive knowledge in code administration, plan review, permitting, licensing, as well as planning and zoning, leading her to her new role as DigEplan’s Solution Consultant for North American Markets.

“DigEplan is a fantastic product,” Christine continued. “It is intuitive and easy to use. A product is only as good as the people behind it, DigEplan has created a culture that challenges and motivates team members to not only achieve their goals, but to push the boundaries of innovation while ensuring an elite level of product support.”

As part of her role Christine is excited to show the value that DigEplan provides to the public sector. “I look forward to leading the change from simply digitizing front-end services to thoroughly transforming government operations and processes with DigEplan,” Christine concludes.

DigEplan creates an electronic plan review process that moves away from cumbersome paper processes or swivel chair desktop applications. Fully integrated to government platform partner systems, DigEplan offers significant productivity gains of up to 200%, helping agencies issue permits faster.

“Christine has a significant amount of expertise in the public sector, with an emphasis on the end-user and citizen experiences. She has been very successful in combining digital solutions to transform government operations and processes,” said Christy Hunt, President, North American Markets, DigEplan. “As more agencies make the move towards digitizing their entire permitting processes, we are excited to have Christine’s experience and enthusiasm to help drive DigEplan to the next level of growth and development.”

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