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DigEplan supports business continuity with speedy implementation that enables remote working for permit counters.

reliability key for permitting software for governments plan review solution

Remove barriers

In partnership with our government technology partners, DigEplan ensures vital planning and permitting services can be delivered remotely.

remove duplication for permitting software for governments electronic plan review


Keep permit counters and applications on schedule. With DigEplan you can continue to review and collaborate when home working.

All in one place

Integrated to leading government partners Accela, Calytera (Amanda), Cityworks, and Infor, DigEplan works in harmony with your existing workflows, screens and processes, removing the need for upload / download and complex secondary plan review systems.

eradicating long implementation time for permitting software for governments

Up and running quickly

Configured in just days, DigEplan is cloud-based and pre-integrated to numerous leading government technology providers.

DigEplan in conjunction with Accela, Infor, CityWorks, Calytera and other government platforms, removes the inefficiencies and barriers to supporting social distancing and home working.

Desktop based PDF mark-up tools and complex standalone third-party plan review tools, create significant reliance on IT and additional manual entry for plan reviewers, increasing plan review cycle times significantly.

Fully integrated electronic plan review is 200% faster than PDF desktop based mark-up tools and is implemented in 10-15 days.

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