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Company Background

The 2022 merger of Avolve and DigEplan creates the largest electronic plan review software provider. The new Avolve Software company addresses the needs of jurisdictions of all sizes, from small towns, counties, cities, and states, to the largest metropolitan centers in the world. ProjectDox and DigEplan deliver innovative technology that automates paper-based, PDF, Dropbox, and other methods, to ensure efficiency in the building plan review process.

The Avolve Advantage

Digital transformation is a fundamental change in how government agencies can deliver value to citizens and create operational efficiencies. At Avolve Software, we want to provide agencies with enhanced Electronic Plan Review tools that enable you to speed up the permitting process. We have a product suite that meets the plan review needs of every jurisdiction.

Revolutionary integration

Avolve offers both standalone solutions and solutions that are fully integrated into your existing permit workflows. Leverage your existing investment and increase efficiency.

Robust features and functionality

Both ProjectDox and DigEplan have engineering-grade features which have been purpose-built for government. Easy-to-use, intuitive interface makes it great for employee adoption. 

Maximize plan review efficiency

With many features such as compare and overlay and real-time communication across multiple departments, Avolve improves productivity and turnaround times for plan reviews.

Exemplary product support

We pride ourselves on being approachable and offering high levels of customer support. Our dedicated support team are invested in keeping Avolve solutions working.

Transparent pricing

Our easy-to-understand budgets provide the best value for public sector budgets. Avolve offers solutions for jurisdictions of every size, budget, and plan review needs.

Accelerates economic development

Adopting our technology will help maximize resources and increases efficiency throughout the permitting process.

Our Solutions

Avolve’s premium electronic plan review solution, ProjectDox, simplifies the complex plan review process for larger jurisdictions. It can be integrated into all leading permitting systems or implemented as a standalone solution and offers advanced workflows for multi-department collaboration.

DigEplan offers advanced features that enable jurisdictions to deliver an enhanced user experience. It is fully integrated into your permitting vendor’s public portal and reviewers can either use its embedded web-based markup tools or Bluebeam Revu, enabling flexibility.  

Success Stories

Avolve Software’s electronic plan review solutions have been trusted by over 250 jurisdictions across five countries. Government agencies are benefitting from increased efficiency within their permitting process.

ProjectDox Case Studies

“ePlans helps address some of the biggest lags in a paper-based process – document delivery, reconciliation and routing.” – Leon County, Florida

DigEplan Case Studies

“We wanted to provide greater convenience, as well as increase clarity and transparency in the development process for everyone involved” – Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee