Is your city’s building department considering Electronic Plan Review? With any growing community, it’s easy to become inundated, especially when relying on paper plan review processes.

Electronic Plan Review should support your entire permitting process – from initial submission and the correction process to resubmittal and approval. Desktop plan review tools are fraught with inefficiencies. You need a solution that will increase efficiency whilst improving productivity. What are the deciding factors when choosing an Electronic Plan Review?

#1 How accessible is the Electronic Plan Review?

Can it share documents across multiple departments? It should be easy to track the entire plan review process from submission to approval, showing clear notes from specific people. This enables transparency and accountability across the whole organization.

#2 Does it come fully integrated off the shelf?

Disconnected systems can cause inefficiencies. To boost productivity Electronic Plan Review software should seamlessly integrate with the existing permitting workflow – no need to navigate away, no need for third-party integrations or custom coding.

DigEplan user from Gemeente Noordenveld, says: “DigEplan provides full integration into CORSA. The rich functionality gives us end-to-end support and allows us to meet citizen demands smoother and faster.”

#3 Is it purpose-built for permitting processes?

There are many markup tools out there. Look for a solution that is built with the permitting process in mind. It should leverage your investment in permitting software without needing to duplicate and maintain the same workflow. Don’t

pay for the same thing twice.

DigEplan user Jared Gerber, Sandy City UT, says: “There are lots of products in the field designed for architects and engineers and we wanted to make sure our electronic plan review was really geared to what we do as a city.”

#4 What support is provided?

Implementation, training, and maintenance of Electronic Plan Review solutions all impact return on investment. Your solution provider should have the expertise to deploy the solution quickly with an effective onboarding and support process.

DigEplan user Bret Stoddard, City of Rexburg says: “The simplicity of implementing DigEplan alongside Cityworks is one of the reasons I would recommend DigEplan. As with any new system, there was a learning curve as staff got used to new processes, but the training from TruePoint Solutions helped us to get on our feet quickly.”

#5 Will it fit your needs in the future?

Think about the future. Will your solution evolve and adapt to change and growth? When deciding on a plan review solution, ensure there is a roadmap and the ambition to develop the product to anticipate future requirements.

Jared continues: “We didn’t want to regret our choice in 10 years, so support and future-proofing played a role in our decision for choosing DigEplan.”

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