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BUSINESS CONTINUITY | Speedy implementation enabling remote working for permit counters with DigEplan.

Fully Integrated Electronic Plan Review on the Cloud

Moving to a digital plans intake and review process should not be complex, lengthy or costly.

Today’s government technology companies provide all the front and back office functions and features to enable the end-to-end management of electronic submissions for permitting. From portals and document management, to workflow and tasking, they are all available in your existing investment, whether you use Accela, Infor, Amanda, BasicGov, CityWorks, or Microsoft, to name a few.

DigEplan further enhances your investments in government technology and provides a fully integrated electronic plan review process with no complexity, long delivery schedules and commercially sensitive to today’s public sector.

Electronic plan review options provide differing results and levels of productivity. So, what are they?

The hidden productivity loss with desktop PDF markup tools

On the face of it, PDF mark-up tools provide some benefit. However, these disconnected desktop applications create additional work for end users, complexity for IT, and a major headache for business system owners, let alone the governance of data. In comparisons between desktop markup PDF tools and fully integrated electronic plan review, the latter resulted in a 200% faster typical end-to-end plan review.

Standalone, complex integration electronic plan review solutions

Most government technology platforms provide the functions organizations need for an end-to-end electronic plans intake and review process, so why implement and pay for these functions again?

Paying twice for document management, workflow, and portals makes no sense. In addition, you then have to manage two systems, integrating the data flows between them, adding complexity, and increasing the cost of ownership.

Standalone solutions typically take considerable time to implement. DigEplan works in harmony with your systems portal, document management, workflows, and data.

Fully integrated electronic plan review

Government technology partners have the end-to-end covered. Its ‘out of the box’ with standard configuration and you drive more value from your existing investments.

Fully integrated plan review works in harmony with your system vendors portal, document management, workflows and data. IT and end user support are simplified, and the user experience is enhanced.

Plan review for end users

For end users of plan review tools, desktop wins – hands down. Until now!

Fully integrated no longer means plans intake issues, compromised features and slow loading times. Integrated electronic plan review from DigEplan delivers an engineering grade experience for plan reviewers and simplification of IT and support for business systems stakeholders.

  • Full integration to your existing processes, screens and workflows
  • Deployed in days
  • Fully featured
  • Cost effective

Government technology partners

As a government technology provider with permit, licensing and land management, plan review is a key requirement for public sector customers.

DigEplan is a global leader in providing fully integrated electronic plan review for government technology platforms. DigEplan is fully integrated with some of the world’s leading government technology platform providers, including Accela, Infor, CityWorks, Calytera (Amanda), Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint, and many others.

We are true value add to you and your channel partners, aligning our go-to-market strategy with your own and enhancing the end-to-end plan review processes from portal and back office, to the plan reviewers’ user experience.

"We benchmarked Integrated Electronic Plan review with our partners Accela, with a qualified plans examiner Vs a PDF desktop tool for a typical project. The results were startling, over and above a simplified user experience. Users can review plans 200% faster in DigEplan compared to conventional PDF desktop-based markup tools!"

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Geautomatiseerd redigeren (anonimiseren) is nu beschikbaar voor lokale overheden DigEplan is wereldleider in volledig geïntegreerde elektronische plan review, eSpecialisten, helpt overheden om optimaal gebruik te maken van innovatie en digitalisering, beide partijen zijn een partnerschap aangegaan om geautomatiseerde redactie in planbeoordelingsprocessen mogelijk te maken. Door gebruik te maken van de geavanceerde redigeeroplossing van de eSpecialisten […]

Hartford, CT has chosen DigEplan for Accela, to streamline their permitting and plan review processes. DigEplan provides a fully integrated electronic plan review for the Accela platform, removing the need for redundant secondary workflows, complex middleware, or long risky implementations. “We are excited to welcome Hartford to the DigEplan family. Our innovative electronic plan review […]

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